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Thanks to the dancers who have shared their photos of recent events!


Orlando Farias and Fernanda Cajida
Orlando Farias and Fernanda Cajida.

Wednesday, January 19
Psychedelic Practica! At David & Carmen's, 181 Austin Drive, Burlington. Think mood rings, pet rocks, afros, peace symbols, and mod clothing.  You have to come just to see what Dave will pull out of his closet!
Lesson at 7 sharp
- Dave will review the mini volcadas for small spaces,  'that turn' and linking the volcadas and 'that turn' in both directions; if time permits, he has some other moves that stress subtleties of balance and connection. 
7:45 Potluck, then open dancing
...If so inspired bring a Watergate Salad, Wacky Cake, Deviled Eggs, Fondue, Pop Rocks or Boone's Farm Wine!  Seriously, we always have fun and enjoy whatever food shows up.
From Route 7/Shelburne Road, Turn onto Home Avenue.
Go through two stop signs and cross RR tracks. As you cross the tracks you are now on Austin Drive. 
Follow Austin Drive as it passes the entrance to Ledgewood Condos, then curves right passing the entrance to Redrock condos. We are the second house on the left after you pass the entrance to Redrock condos.
  Call Carmen 338-5856


April 24-26 , 2009

Orlando Farias & Fernanda Cajide Return Visit to Queen City Tango

Orlando Farias performed in “Tango Metropolis” under the direction of renowned bandoneonist Daniel Binelli, Pilar Alvarez, and Claudio Hoffman; “Tango Venus” directed by Silvia Toscano, and “Copes Tango Copes” under the direction of the legendary Juan Carlos Copes. Orlando’s tango is characterized by sensuality of expresson and the dedication that he commits to each dance. Orlando has recently toured through Germany and Italy, danced and taught in Los Angeles, Boston and Montreal, and is presently preparing a tango show for August 2009. For more about Orlando go to: http://www.orlandoynoelia.com/

Fernanda Cajide, co-founder of Mass Tango, came to Boston from Buenos Aires, where her grandfather was a milonguero. Dancing tango became a professional activity for Fernanda in 1996. Her signature musicality as a dancer reflects the fact that she is also an accomplished pianist and vocalist trained at the Conservatorio Nacional of Argentina. Fernanda studied with Sabrina and Rubén Véliz who performed around the world with the tango companies "Nueva Compañía Tangueros," and "Tango Emocion." Fernanda is one of the most active tango performers, organizers, and instructors in Boston. For more about Fernanda visit http://www.fernandacajide.com/


Saturday, December 13, 2008
Milonga Cumpleaños del invierno (Winter Birthdays Milonga) hosted by Queen City Tango at Shelburne Town Hall

Gerd & Darienne dancing at Shelburne Town Hall
Guest Instructor Gerd Hirschmann

Workshop I: Fundamentals for leaders and followers (providing essentials for novices through advanced beginners; strengthening technique for intermediate and experienced dancers)

Workshop II: Molinette interpretations with special focus on technique for followers, and what leaders can do to support and inspire. (Intermediate and experienced dancers)

Milonga: tango social dance for all levels. Light refreshments.

Guest Instructor Gerd Hirschmann started dancing Argentine Tango in 1997 to complement his studies and practices of classical ballet. After learning the basics in NYC, he traveled to Buenos Aires where he has studied with many of the masters. Gerd has been teaching and sharing his insights of tango regularly in Norwich, VT and has taught workshops in NYC, Boston and throughout New England. He also organizes the annual ‘Moonlight in Vermont’ Tango Weekend in Brandon, VT.



North End Studio
North End Studio Celebration November 5, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Celebration with Elizabeth Seyler
at North End Studio, Burlington. Elizabeth had just successfully presented her dissertation research on Argentine Tango at Temple University, andwas about to head to Buenos Aires!

Friday, November 7, 2008
Queen City Tango Argentinean Tango Workshop and Guided Practica with guest instructor Yves Boies
at Salsalina Dance Studio, Burlington , VT
Special workshop, “Posture and Balance for Leaders and Followers” with guest instructor Yves Boies of Montreal. Yves has been dancing for almost 40 years, Argentinean tango for 12 years. He has taught tango for beginners with Joe Bain at Graffiti Tango School in Montreal. His knowledge as a physical educator and human biology teacher allow him to observe the physical relation between tango partners and create a teaching method using images to facilitate comprehension. Yves is well known for his ability to lead and make his partners well balanced and self confident.

Bon and Zhanna at the North End Studio
Bon and Zhanna at the
North End Studio, August 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Arrivederci Milonga for Bon and Zhanna & New Dance Floor Celebration

North End Studio, Burlington

We gathered to wish Bon and Zhanna well as they prepared to move on beyond Burlington. Bon took the lead in acquiring and installing the new wooden dance floor at North End Studio in June and had been assisting Elizabeth instructing beginners there. Bon also organized and hosted Thursday evening Milongas at Euro Gourmet and the Black Door. Bon and Zhanna always helped organize and present QCT events and dance demonstrations, and are always a delight on the dance floor.

Orquesta Tipica
Orquesta Tipica Imperial
at the Shelburne Town Hall, July 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Orquesta Tipica Imperial; An Evening of Argentinean Tango Music and Dancing

Queen City Tango was honored to host Orquesta Tipica Imperial at Shelburne Town Hall.

A very special event for dancers at all levels and music lovers who wished to listen and watch. More than a concert recital, the evening offered the feel of a Buenos Aires Milonga (place where Tango is danced).  Lively dance music from excellent musicians – a Baile de Barrio (neighborhood dance)!!
The Orquesta Típica Imperial, from Buenos Aires, includes Claudio Keller, Mariela Martins and Federico Morgan on violins; Damián Pais on cello; Pablo Bernaba, Nicolás Fontana and Matilde Vitullo on bandoneón; Gerardo Martinez Argibay on piano; Jano Seitun on bass, and singer Iván Espeche. These young musicians have found in tango a musical identity that allows them to stand out as interpreters, arrangers, and composers. Their music, full of harmonic and rhythmic richness, evokes strong emotional responses in their audience.

During the summer of 2008, this Orchestra was touring the United States and Canada for the first time. They performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Quebec City Summer Festival, the 400th anniversary of Quebec City , the Canada Trust Atlantic Jazz Festival Halifax, the Lincoln Center Out of Doors and the Chicago Cultural Center. Listen to “La casita de mis viejos” by OTI.

The presence of Orchesta Tipica Imperial in this area was made possible by the commitment, planning, and efforts of Tangueria and the Montreal Jazz Festival, as well as the hosts of other venues throughout the tour.

Queen City Tango Hosts Orquesta Tipica Imperial at Shelburne Town Hall, July 2008

May 16-20, 2008

View from the Balcony, Bixby Library

Argentinean Tango Weekend with Michael Young & Beatrix Satzinger
in Burlington and Vergennes

The weekend began on Friday evening in Burlington with a Dance Assessment, followed by a demonstration by Michael and Beatrix, at the Salsalina Dance Studio.

Saturday in Vergennes included two workshops, Foundations of Tango Technique, and Slow dancing to refine Tango Technique.

A Milonga: Dancing Under the Dome, was held in the beautiful Beaux-arts foyer of the Bixby Library in Vergennes, with live music and a demonstration by Michael and Beatrix.

Sunday we gathered at the Champlain Club in Burlington for a workshop Breathing Like a Bandoneon, followed by a tea dance. Additional workshops on Monday and Tuesday offered instruction in Milonga, and Enhancing the Leader/Follower Connection.

Beatrix and Michael

Dancing at the Bixby Library
in Vergennes, Vermont
Summer 2008



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